Ghosts: Season 3 Episode 5 Review

The Silent Partner

Pete ends up in the afterlife with Carol and she tries to give him advice on cheating while telling him she saw it in soap operas. Meanwhile, Sam and Jay try to get a ghost to invest in Jay’s new restaurant, but Jay’s decision to put his foot down ends up with almost disastrous consequences until Trevor steps in and saves the day.

Pete and Carol

Pete has had the worst luck out of all the ghosts. A scoutmaster accidentally killed by an arrow fired by one of the scouts he was training, Pete is often the butt of jokes. That was only compounded when it was revealed his wife was having an affair with his best friend while he was alive. Pete was loyal to Carol in life and in death until that moment. Since then, he has pursued a relationship with Alberta, but she has rejected all of his advances. But now he must confront his past as his widow, Carol, is now a ghost sharing the afterlife with him.

At first, Pete tries to make the best of the situation by trying to befriend ghost Carol, but he also wants some of the other ghosts to help him convince her that he’s moved on, even though he hasn’t. This backfires when several of the other ghosts take him up on it making it look like he’s a lothario. Carol then offers him advice to help him cheat but this is just another dagger to his heart as he was loyal to her even after death. The advice becomes too much when Pete finally snaps informing Carol that he knows about her infidelity and he’s had to live his afterlife knowing he was a fool in both life and death.

Now that Carol knows that Pete knows, what does that mean for them going forward? Pete finally stood up for himself, and in doing so, actually impressed Alberta. Carol now has to live her afterlife knowing that Pete eventually found out, and she hurt him. It’ll be interesting to see how that works for the rest of the season.

Jay and Isaac

The other plot from this episode features Jay and Isaac arguing over the $10,000 Sam earned for Isaac for his book advance. Jay hates that they gave the money to a ghost, but Isaac is willing to let Sam and Jay use it for Jay’s restaurant. This blows up when Trevor steps in and uses his finance background to prevent Isaac gifting the money back. That decision has unintended consequences, both good and bad.

Jay tries to take back Isaac’s money, but Trevor, using his ghost power of being able to interact with corporeal objects, has invested the money. Sam and Jay end up pulling the money out of the fund Trevor entered it in after it had turned quite a profit, proving Trevor’s financial knowledge. However, this doesn’t change the fact that Jay has now damaged any potential friendship with Isaac.

Jay has tried to befriend the ghosts despite not being able to see or hear them. He tried to comfort Thor when Flower appeared to be “sucked off.” However, he also felt hurt by Sas when he learned the ghost was infiltrating his dreams to manipulate him. Here, he is treating Isaac the same way that Sas treated him. It creates a dichotomy of complex characters that’s only really sorted when Jay tells the ghosts there will always be room for them at his restaurant.


Following a highlight Halloween episode (even if it finally aired in March due to Hollywood strikes) is always a tough task for any show. The stakes are raised when it’s a show that already focuses on the paranormal and supernatural. This episode found a way to deliver in spades. Starting right away with Jay blaming Carol for her own death because she brought the donut holes that killed her, this episode managed to hit every emotional note.

Viewers felt Pete’s pain, Isaac’s anger, Jay’s frustration and hypocrisy, Sam’s disappointment in Jay, and Carol’s guilt as she learned of Pete’s pain. And it was still punctuated with humor every step of the way. It’s a fine line to walk, and Ghosts somehow finds a way to always walk it.

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Article Written By: Jeremy Brown for Stelmach Brown Media 2024

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