Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 4 Review

A Different Approach

After escaping from the Empire’s secret base, Omega and Crosshair must find a way to either repair their ship or get a new transport after crashing onto a planet run by scoundrels and the Empire. The pair of clones turn to hustling for credits to find their way off the planet but run into trouble from the Empire. The hound they escaped with gets captured, and the Imperial Captain knows they escaped from Dr. Hemlock who has put a bounty on their heads. Hemlock needs Omega’s blood to finish his mission for the Emperor, and he will stop at nothing to make sure she is found alive. Still, Omega and Crosshair end up at a crossroads where Crosshair must make a choice. In the end, Omega finally reunites with Wrecker and Hunter before a teased meeting between Crosshair and the brothers he betrayed.

Crosshair’s decision

In season one, when forced to make a decision without a chip implanted by the Empire forcing his actions, Crosshair chose to side with the Empire against the Bad Batch. It set in motion the idea the group of clones had truly lost their brother. In this episode, Crosshair has a new choice. Omega, knowing she’s walking into a trap, goes to free the hound she rescued from the Empire after a new group of Imperials took the hound hostage. She gives Crosshair a choice, take the credits and flee the Empire or help Omega in what appears to be a futile quest.

Crosshair decides to help Omega showing a loyalty to her he hadn’t previously shown. It’s clear her refusal to leave him behind to Dr. Hemlock has impacted him, and he is now looking to protect her the same way she protected him. His decision helps her escape and reunite with Hunter and Wrecker. It also sets up an interesting reunion between Crosshair and the two other Bad Batch members when Omega tells them “I had help.”

What’s Next for the Bad Batch?

It’s clear that Wrecker and Hunter don’t have a reason to trust Crosshair yet. They are still hurt by his previous decision to choose the Empire over them. However, circumstances for both have changed. The Bad Batch that fled the Empire has been torn asunder. Echo is working with Rex, and Tech appeared to be killed in the season two finale. Omega and Crosshair were taken hostage at different points before ending up in the same facility. Hunter and Wrecker spent months searching for Omega, as she doesn’t experience the same accelerated aging as other clones and is still just a kid.

Crosshair clearly cares for Omega. Will that be enough for him to work with his former Bad Batch brothers again? Hunter and Wrecker love Omega. Will that be enough for them to work with Crosshair after he made the decision to protect her? Omega remains the lynchpin for both the Bad Batch and the Empire.

Hemlock’s Order

While Wrecker, Hunter, Omega and Crosshair may be reunited, the Empire seems to have something else up their sleeve. Dr. Hemlock arrived on the planet where Omega and Crosshair crashed and found the ship they stole. He ordered a commander to “notify all our operatives.”

Which operatives are these? How will they catch up to Omega? And how will all of this tie in to Project Necromancer and the overarching story connecting to Rise of Skywalker?

So many questions that make me look forward to the rest of the season. This was easily the best episode of season three and felt the most like season two. Hopefully, the creators keep this going.

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Article by Jeremy Brown, Stelmach Brown Media2024

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