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Ghosts: Season 3 Episode 9 Review

Another ghost power is revealed as Pete finds a way to leave the property which leads to him getting lost before using the skills from his life to find his way back to Woodstone Manor.

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X-Men 97 Episode 6 Review

Following the Super Sentinel’s attack on Genosha that resulted in Gambit’s death, and apparently Magneto’s as well, two X-Men who have been MIA return to help the new team recover from their devastating defeat.

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X-Men 97: Episode 5 Review

The mutant nation of Genosha is about to be accepted into the United Nations but an attack on the nation leaves its reeling and fractures mutant-human relations.

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X-Men 97: Episode 4 Review

The latest Disney Plus and Marvel Original Series brings back a staple of the original X-Men: The Animated Series as it features two different story arcs in episode 4 of X-Men 97.

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Sean Connery's James Bond Films Ranked

James Bond is the ultimate super spy. Introduced by author Ian Fleming, Agent 007 has been the focus of 25 canonical Bond films as well as three other outings not connected to canon. The first canon appearance featured Scottish actor Sean Connery taking on the role in 1962’s Dr. No. He would appear in six canonical films and a seventh non-canonical appearance. Let’s rank Sean Connery’s appearances as Agent 007.

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Jeremy's Battle Blogs!


Disney Parks Film Battle: Jungle Cruise vs. Ratatouille

The Disney theme parks have been a source of fun and enjoyment for families since Disneyland first opened in 1955. Since that time, the Walt Disney Company has incorporated its intellectual property into the parks with attractions based on popular films. The company has also churned out films based on Disney parks attractions. In this battle series, I will compare and contrast films found in the Disney Parks Collection on Disney+ to see which film wins the Disney Parks Film Battle. To start, let’s compare Jungle Cruise and Ratatouille.

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Ghosts (US) vs. Ghosts (UK)

The primary ghost in each series is the former lady of the house that has been passed down to a distant relative who can interact with the ghosts. In the British version, Fanny Button is the former lady of the House. She is a bit pompous and overbearing and was murdered by her husband after she caught him in a compromising position while he was having an adulterous affair. Fanny re-enacts her murder each and every night.

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