Stelmach Brown media: digital content creation, blogs, articles, editing services, podcasting services and more. 

Stelmach Brown Media LLC. was formed by podcast hosts, and husband and wife team, Sarah Stelmach-Brown and Jeremy Brown. In 2019, Jeremy started his journey in digital media by writing for the What's on Disney Plus blog. In the summer of 2020, Sarah, a healthcare worker and caregiver, had the idea to start a podcast documenting her journey. 

From there, both Sarah and Jeremy became passionate podcasters with their top 10% globally podcast Caregiver Chronicles leading them to other opportunities in podcasting and digital media. 

In the years since, Jeremy has contributed article to many blogs and digital magazines and edited other podcasts. Sarah has hosted more than 165 episodes of Caregiver Chronics, appeared on several other podcasts and supported other podcasters. Sarah's passion for helping others share their stories and Jeremy's passion for writing and editing led them to pursue their own digital media company, in hopes to help other writers, bloggers, podcasters and content creators share their stories as well. 

Whether you need additional content for your blog, podcast consulting, podcast, video or blog editing, or an opportunity to share your story, Sarah and Jeremy will help you on your digital media journey. Because caregiving and supporting family caregivers is so important to Sarah, she also offers support for family caregivers in the Caregiver Chronicles page on this website. 


Audio and Video Editing

We provide professional audio and video editing services for podcasts and other audio and video content.


We host the podcast Caregiver Chronicles and Autism Out and About!  We also appear on other podcasts. We can help support new podcasters breaking into the podcast industry.

We also can record advertisements for your digital media needs.


We provide blog editing and article submissions. 

About Sarah

Sarah Stelmach-Brown wears many hats but most importantly is a caregiving advocate/influencer with a major focus on autism, neurodivergence and Alzheimer’s disease and the host of the podcast, “Caregiver Chronicles” and “Autism Out and About.” She is the mother of two boys on the autism spectrum. Sarah worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Medication Technician at assisted living facilities, nursing homes and in-home care before leaving in July of 2021 after experiencing caregiver burnout. She is now a Reiki master and teacher and sound healer. She is raw and passionate as she speaks about her experiences as a caregiver in both personal and professional settings. Sarah is a Champion and is passionate about expanding resources for family caregivers. She is proud of her work on "Caregiver Chronicles" and often refers to it as her "third baby". Digital media has become important in Sarah's life, as it is a way to connect and share stories, experiences and ideas.  Sarah is unafraid to tackle serious topics but also uses her wit to bring levity to almost any situation. She uses her podcast to help caregivers from all walks of life connect to others and get their messages out about making the world a better place for those we care for and those who care for us.

About Jeremy

Jeremy Brown is a writer, editor, podcast co-host, Emmy-winning local news producer, husband, and father. His work in local TV news left him with a yearning for a more creative outlet, and the coronavirus pandemic and his wife’s caregiver burnout allowed him to stretch his creative muscles while also helping others.

Jeremy, and his wife, Sarah, launched the podcast “Caregiver Chronicles” together in August 2020. While Sarah is the lead, Jeremy is a co-host for many episodes and edits every episode.

Jeremy has advocated for Mental Health Awareness, Autism Awareness and acceptance, Alzheimer’s awareness, and Caregiver Burnout awareness. He has shared personal stories of donating bone marrow, the struggles of being an autistic parent and caregiver, the struggles of caring for a person with Alzheimer’s, mental health struggles, helping his wife manage caregiver burnout, and turning that into a platform to help others.

Jeremy is also a huge Disney fan and a movie buff. He writes freelance articles for, where he reviews Disney films on Disney+ and provides
rankings and listicles. He also covers sports for, focusing
on the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, and NASCAR. Jeremy is also a list writer for He has also contributed articles to Autism Parenting Magazine.