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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarah experienced caregiver burnout. She wanted to share her story to help anyone else who may have been experiencing the same thing. With the help of her husband, Jeremy, the pair of them started Caregiver Chronicles in their truck, recording episodes on a cell phone.

Caregiver Chronicles has grown allowing Sarah to connect with other caregivers from all walks of life. What started as a podcast by a single caregiver experiencing burnout has become a way for family caregivers to connect, learn and grow.

The podcast has covered a wide variety of topics, from autism awareness and acceptance to dementia caregiving to education and assistance in applying for services. Sarah is not afraid to discuss any issue that affects caregivers and the people for which they care.



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Caregiver Chronicles is a Whole Care Network podcast, for more information click the link below. 

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FAVOR, Inc. (FAVOR) is a statewide family-led, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that is committed to empowering families as advocates and partners in improving educational and health outcomes for our children. FAVOR is the Connecticut state organization of the Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health. FAVOR offers a single place for families with children who have medical, mental, emotional, and behavioral health challenges to find information, assistance and training.

Cognivue: our mission is to provide cognitive assessment tools to a broad range of healthcare providers for the early detection of cognitive impairment. Early detection allows patients to address modifiable risk factors sooner, potentially changing the course of cognitive decline. It also allows healthcare providers to develop a plan with the patient and caregiver, so the patient can live their best life during their journey.

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Programming designed for mood, memory, and meaningful engagement. If you are caring for someone with dementia, you may have noticed their favorite television programs or movies becoming frustrating or hard to follow. Memory Lane TV does things differently. Designed by artists, musicians, producers, and memory care professionals for the way people experiencing cognitive challenges or dementia experience the world, our on-demand programs keep people with memory loss engaged in the moment. Our “slow television” channel helps viewers let go of worries about the past and the future and fully experience right here, right now.use code AMBASSADORMLTV11

What we wear is part of our identity. We believe that as we age, we should continue to be able to wear clothes that feel and look like us, even if we’re living with age-related changes. Yet, for older adults experiencing cognitive, motor, and/or mobility changes, the process of getting dressed and undressed can be stressful, painful, and stigmatizing.

As a parent, facing the journey of raising a child with autism is an incredible challenge. Your unwavering love and dedication drive you to seek the best for your family. That's why having the right resources at your fingertips is crucial. 
Whether you're just starting out on this journey or have been on it for years, our dedicated team is here to address your toughest questions.
We've been honored with the Mom's Choice Award, a testament to the quality of our publication, and have received countless letters of gratitude from parents like you.

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 Our resources for family caregivers

Caregiver Meditations on Patreon

Caregivers are under so much stress due to the tasks of caregiving and the state of the world. It is so important that family caregivers take moments throughout their day to care for themselves. Host of the podcast Caregiver Chronicles, Reiki master and now certified meditation coach Sarah Stelmach Brown knows the stress and burnout caregivers face. She created these meditations that are designed for caregivers with their unique needs in mind.

Caregiver Charts on Etsy

Caregiver Charts on Etsy was created by Sarah in an effort to make tracking important information easier for family caregivers. We offer sleep trackers, medication lists, check lists and side effect trackers as well as bathroom and behavior trackers and emergency contact lists.  All are available inexpensively for family caregivers to download and print immediately. This information can help doctors, therapists and caregivers.

Sarah is a champion for a website that offers support for all kinds of family caregivers. For more information click the link below.

What Our Friends of the Show say....

"Sarah has got to experience tons of different caretaking scenarios and caring for others has been a major part of her life. Sarah uses the Caregiver Chronicles as an outlet to share her story and help others in similar situations. Dealing with children on the spectrum isn’t an easy task as a caregiver. Sarah gives parenting advice and elderly care advice. She also talks with guests who have their own caretaking stories. Her entire life revolves around caring for others, and her messages prove useful to other busy caretakers"

Madeline Miller-

"It’s clear that Brown has faced the concept of caregiving from many angles and for multiple types of illnesses or disabilities. This makes her take on the subject particularly helpful for a wide variety of people. She also invites guests who can shed light on a specific topic relating to caregiving. 

Caregiver Chronicles is one of the best caregiver podcasts for those who appreciate a straight-shooter approach to the highs and lows of caregiving but also have a desire to learn more about the caregiving community as a whole."

Carol Pardue-Spears-5 Best Caregiver Podcasts for Helpful Advice & Support | Family Matters (

"So needed, so much heart

Thank you for the wisdom you bring from your years of caregiving. Unless someone has been there, they don’t know the unique challenges, tradeoffs and also wisdom gained from caregiving. I’m grateful that you are sharing your voice and your heart."


"Loving This!

This has touched home for me in so many ways as I am always caring for others in my family. Thank you for sharing your inspiration to help people feel hopeful and courageous to keep going!"

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