Ghosts: Season 3 Episode 4 Review

Halloween 3: The Guest Who Wouldn't Leave

It’s not often ghosts end up being haunted rather than doing the haunting, but the fourth episode of season three of Ghosts sets up a troublesome time for Pete, the loveable scout leader who died at Woodstone Manor in the 1980s.

Sam, Jay and the ghosts are working to bring Flower back through a seance on Halloween while Sam and Jay are also trying to impress some friends from the city. Things go South when they accidentally invite Carol, Pete’s ex-wife who chokes on a donut hole and dies becoming a ghost. This leads to a situation where Sam doesn’t realize that no one else can see Carol causing her to look crazy. Meanwhile, Jay looks like a murderer due to him trying to find something that was on Flower when she died.


When everything’s wrapped up, the friends flee scared that Sam and Jay are crazy. Pete realizes he’s stuck with the woman who was cheating on him while he was loyal to her. And the seance doesn’t bring Flower back, however, there’s a teaser that maybe Flower never left.

Ghosts Haunting Ghosts

While the humor is found in the city friends being confused as Sam addresses Carol’s ghost but they can’t see her, the heart of the story is found with Pete. He’s understandably upset that the woman he loved and to which he devoted his life cheated on him. He just wants the night to end for her to leave, but alas, her death complicates that and will have lasting impacts throughout season three. How will Pete handle Carol dying in the same place he did and not moving on past a ghost form? That’s sure to create a new dynamic as the season progresses.

Did Flower get sucked off?

The episode ends with a well and Flower can be heard calling for Thor. Did she fall down that well week previously when Sam believed she saw a ghost get sucked off? Or did the seance actually work but Flower returned in the well rather than in the house? Either way, why can’t Flower get out of the well? These are some fun questions that were left after the episode ended, as well as being a cheerful way for Flower’s fans to hopefully see her far more often going forward. Her disappearance left many dismayed as she was a fan favorite, but what kind of bait-and-switch can the show’s creators be pulling if she wasn’t sucked off?

What’s Next?

Halloween episodes of television shows are often fun side plots that have little to nothing to do with season long story arcs. However, a show about ghosts lends itself perfectly to using Halloween as an effective storytelling device. 


How long will Carol be around to haunt Pete? Will it be a short few episodes? Or is she around for the entirety of the season if not longer?


Plus, what’s the deal with Flower? How long will she be in the well? As of right now, it’s almost like they have traded ghosts with Flower out of the picture and Carol in her place. While Carol provides some fun stories, she doesn’t seem to be a very good long term replacement for Flower. Will both stay? This show is keeping me guessing and that’s why it’s my favorite comedy on network television right now.


Check out Ghosts Thursdays on CBS and streaming on Paramount Plus.

Article Written By: Jeremy Brown for Stelmach Brown Media 2024

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