Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 5 Review

The Return

The remaining members of the Bad Batch reunite as they try to gather as much information from Nala Se’s data pad to figure out what’s going on with Project Necromancer.

Crosshair knows of a former Imperial base they can use to access the pad. Meanwhile, Echo returns to assist Crosshair, Hunter, Wrecker and Omega on the mission. Plus, Crosshair and Hunter finally work through their frustrations with each other as they sort out all the troubles they’ve had since Crosshair sided with the Empire over the Bad Batch.

Tensions Boiling Over

Any fan of the Bad Batch knew this was coming when Crosshair and Hunter wound up on the same side of a battle. They were members of the elite squadron of clones during the Clone Wars. However, Order 66 led to a change as Crosshair followed the Empire while Hunter fled with the rest of the squadron. They have battled it out for two seasons, however, Crosshair is now at odds with the Empire making him and Hunter unlikely allies again.

Hunter has every reason to hate Crosshair. He betrayed and tried to capture the rest of the Bad Batch. He doesn’t trust Crosshair and is wondering when Crosshair will betray him again, especially since Crosshair betrayed the Empire when he killed an Imperial Officer. Crosshair understands why no one but Omega trusts him but he also recognizes a major issue with Hunter’s treatment of him. Hunter blames himself for putting Omega in harm’s way and blames himself for not being able to find her. Crosshair kept Omega safe and that destroys Hunter. Hunter was loyal to the squadron and Omega, but when she needed help most, it was Crosshair, the betrayer, who helped her.

Crosshair’s previous duplicity mixed with Hunter’s pride and guilt finally leads to the two of them having it out. Crosshair explains his viewpoint and what made it change but also calls out Hunter’s own issues. In the end, it’s exactly what they need to get to a point where they can work together to keep everyone safe and rescue other clones.

This is the first time in season three that viewers get to see Echo reunited with the team. Toward the end of season two, Echo broke away from the rest of the Bad Batch to go off with Rex to try to find and rescue more clones. He needs the information on the data pad, plus he knows Hunter and Crosshair will work out their issues in their own time. Echo wisely prevents Omega from interfering until both Hunter and Crosshair stop deciding to be pig headed and talk to each other.

The episode ends with everybody back in good graces with each other, but it’s implied Echo will take the information with him to help Rex’s quest. This also implies future interactions between the core four of the Bad Batch living on the island and Echo and Rex. I, for one, can’t wait to see the clones I loved from the Clone Wars and Rebels back on the Bad Batch.

Where to Go from Here

The Bad Batch will continue its quest to get redemption for themselves and revenge and freedom for their fellow clones. Echo will continue working with Rex and any other escaped clones to help others, but how do they get there?

Dr. Hemlock is still looking for Omega to use her blood for Project Necromancer. Nala Se looks for revenge for Kamino after the Empire took her from her lab and her home and endangered her friends. And the Emperor is looking for the cloning technology that will allow him to survive the events of Return of the Jedi and set up the events of Rise of Skywalker.

This show started slow and found its groove in season two. The first episode of season three was disappointing, at best, but each episode has improved. Hopefully that continues because it's best to start with your worst episode and finish with your best. I don’t know if that’s what will happen, but I’m hopeful which I couldn’t say after the first three episodes.

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Article by Jeremy Brown, Stelmach Brown Media2024

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