Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Paths Unknown

While Omega remains in the custody of the Empire, Hunter and Wrecker continue their mission to try to rescue her.

After being ripped apart at the end of season two, the Bad Batch still struggles to find a way to get back together. Hunter and Wrecker are taking on some very questionable jobs just to find information about Omega. And that is likely to lead to trouble later in the season, but also gives them some potential allies down the road.

Betraying the Pikes

The episode starts with the Devaronians. Last seen in season one, Roland Durand is the son of a crime boss who ran afoul of the Pikes when he tried to take over the parlor where the Bad Batch were staying. The Bad Batch saved his life, setting up a situation where he owed them.

Jump ahead to season three, Hunter and Wrecker brought a Pike who cut off Roland’s horn to the Devaronians in an effort to get information from Roland and his mother about where the Empire may have taken Omega.

The Pikes are one of the most notorious crime syndicates in the Star Wars universe. Known for being cutthroat, crossing them rarely allows anyone to escape unharmed. It proves the loyalty the Bad Batch, and especially Hunter, have to Omega that he put himself into that much danger just to get information about where she MIGHT be.

Saving More Clones

The information leads Hunter and Wrecker to a former lab the Empire chose to destroy. Not willing to wait on Echo and Rex to provide backup, Hunter leads the way onto the planet where they meet other clones who escaped not long before the Empire destroyed the lab. Hunter goes through a range of emotions as he’s acting both rash and loyal. Still, he also finds a way to show compassion.

Hunter wants to find Omega no matter the cost. Wrecker reminds him the last time they went in without the whole team, it was disastrous as Tech died and Omega and Crosshair were taken away by the Empire. Not waiting for Echo and Rex could be more damaging than helpful in the quest to find Omega. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes the Bad Batch to find Omega and how often Hunter behaves like this. I know he feels responsible for Omega’s capture and he was the closest thing she had to a father, but he can’t keep putting himself or his team in unnecessary danger.

Hunter’s willingness to risk everything to save his friend inspires the escaped clones to take up arms and help him. They know about the biological dangers on the planet and use the Bad Batch’s ship to help fight those dangers. Those clones will be taken to the safe haven the Bad Batch found in season two. Meanwhile, Hunter and Wrecker were able to uncover some other important files that were left in the facility but weren’t destroyed. Hunter and Wrecker now have a new place to look for Omega.

What To Expect

The first episode gave viewers a look at the danger Omega and Crosshair are facing. The second episode showed how Hunter and Wrecker are continuing their missions while still trying to locate Omega. There’s still no word on what will happen with Echo and Rex. Plus, the team still hasn’t had time to process Tech’s disappearance and believed death.

This episode did a far better job of conveying the emotions Hunter and Wrecker are facing than the first episode featuring Omega and Crosshair. This episode felt a lot closer to the far superior, to this point, second season than the first did.

I’m interested to see how these factions of the Bad Batch end up back together and how they will process Tech’s death, if he really is gone. And, it’s interesting to see what the clones will do as much of this series has explained some things introduced in the sequel trilogy. Still, this episode makes me hopeful after the dismal first episode.


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3 Out of 5 Stars

Article by Jeremy Brown, Stelmach Brown Media2024

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