Ghosts: Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Man Of Your Dreams

A new ghost power is revealed in the second episode of season three of Ghosts. It’s revealed that Sas can enter people’s dreams and possibly influence their subconscious. He really wants Jay to get a pizza maker for the restaurant he’s trying to build in the barn. In the end, other ghosts, Sam and, eventually, Jay learn about this manipulation that causes a rift between Jay and Sas.

Relationship between Sas and Jay

This episode, while silly for the most part, tackles an important part of Jay’s relationships with the ghosts. Sam has been able to see the ghosts since the premiere while Jay has no known way of communicating with them. While they have used some ghost powers in the past to relay information to Jay, it’s been sparingly used as it’s a lot of work from each ghost, and Jay doesn’t always take the correct hints. This episode shows Sas has the power to communicate directly with Jay and that causes major issues for Jay.

Due to comical interference between the ghosts, Jay figures out what Sas looks like and understands the ghost could have communicated with him at any time. This hurts Jay because he has no other direct connection to the ghosts and feels betrayed that one of them would manipulate him like that. While Sas finds a way to apologize to wrap up the overall storyline, it’s still completely understandable for Jay to have been hurt by Sas’ actions, especially when he learns that Sam used Sas to manipulate him too.

It will be interesting to see how Jay’s connections with the ghosts grow and if he holds any grudges as the show advances.

Important Ghost Powers

This is one of the most important ghost power introductions in the series. Ghost powers range from something silly, like Isaac’s bad smells due to dying from dysentery, to important like Trevor’s ability to move corporeal objects. However, Sas’ powers put him right up there with Thorfin, who can manipulate electricity, and Trevor when it comes to communication with the living.

This power allows Sas to be more involved in storylines going forward. He took a back seat to the other ghosts in the back half of season two after the car ghost storyline ended. But his ability to manipulate dreams could come in handy should someone staying at the bed and breakfast have nefarious plans. It’s a good call to find a way to incorporate Sas more into storylines going forward.

Thorfin’s Side Story

While Jay and Sas was the A plot of the episode, there was an hysterical B plot that followed Hetty and Alberta trying to get close to Thorfin due to Flower being “sucked off.” Isaac revealed that it was the third consecutive paramore of Thorfin to be “sucked off” and both of the ghosts were looking at ways to move on to heaven. Thorfin isn’t stupid, however, and recognizes their sudden interest in him as an attempt to use him.

This creates some issues as Hetty and Trevor have been having their own dalliance, and Trevor is getting jealous. Meanwhile, one of the basement ghosts also shows an interest in spending time with Thorfin, but it ends up being one of genuine interest in the Viking ghost rather than an attempt to move on to heaven.

Could Flower Return?

The episode ends with everyone still reeling from Flower being “sucked off” when Trevor has a somewhat brilliant idea. He references season two’s Halloween episode where a seance led to the return of the maid with whom Hetty’s husband cheated. Trevor suggests another seance to bring back Flower, albeit temporarily.

This could bring some closure for Thorfin, the other ghosts and even Sam. This can also bring some closure for the viewers, many of whom were disappointed Flower was chosen to be “sucked off.” It’ll be interesting to see what happens in episode three.


4.5 out of 5 Stars

Article Written By: Jeremy Brown for Stelmach Brown Media 2024

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