Ghosts: Season 3 Episode 3 Review

He Sees Dead People

After struggling with the disappearance of Flower during the first two episodes, season three of the third season of Ghosts felt a lot like the first season shenanigan and hijinks fans love.

Jay’s sister and her boyfriend return and she’s convinced her nice guy boyfriend can see ghosts after his near-death experience in season two. However, we soon learn he’s a fraud, but he’s doing it for a reason he thinks is noble. It leads to an interesting dynamic between Jay, his sister and his sister’s boyfriend. Meanwhile, we learn more about Hetty’s past while she tries to help Isaac and Nigel plan their wedding.

Does he see dead people?

Jay’s sister, Bela, brings Eric with her to spend time with Jay. He has been pretending to see ghosts since the previous season and is fine with Bela telling Jay since Jay can’t see them. However, Sam, who was supposed to go to a bachelorette party, comes back home after weather delays her flight. This messes everything up as the ghosts are able to tell Sam that Eric is a fraud leading to Jay and Sam confronting him.


They come up with a plan for him to “lose” his ability so that Bela doesn’t break up with him, but this backfires when he inadvertently claims he walked through Flower after Jay told Bela Flower had been “sucked off.” She learns he’s a fraud but he doesn’t know until he throws himself down the stairs actually injuring himself.

While the relationship between Bela and Eric is cringy almost all the time they are on screen, the inadvertent lessons work well within the confines of the comedy. Still, this is a rare episode where the B story works better than the A story.

Hetty had a wild side

The flashback focuses on Hetty’s younger days. Her father confronts her about her dalliance with a struggling artist. The portrait for which she posed is rather risqué with her flashing quite a lot of ankle. Had that gotten out in her day, it would’ve been scandalous. Her father forces her into a conundrum about choosing the fortune she’s in line to inherit from him and her love for this artist. Based on her character’s love of money, and how she is influencing the pending nuptials between Isaac and Nigel, her choice is obvious. She just needs a reminder of the position she found herself and if she would make a different decision with the information she now has.

Isaac and Nigel

The other half of this story involves a pre-wedding fight between Isaac and Nigel, all due to Hetty. Isaac mentions the money he has to use on a wedding, and Nigel refers to it as “our money.” This inspires Hetty to encourage Isaac to get a prenuptial agreement from Nigel to protect his funds. Nigel doesn’t take too kindly to the request given he’s in this for love and not money.


This storyline is downright hilarious when you consider they are talking about tangible money despite the fact they are ghosts and can’t use tangible money. Should they break up, neither can leave unless they get “sucked off” or “go down” (the ghosts term for go to hell.) The sheerly ludicrous idea of building a storyline around money for ghosts would carry this no matter who was involved.


This show may be the last great comedy left on network television. With media companies pushing for streaming, it’s easy to see why so many shows, both comedy and drama, are being reserved for this newer revenue stream. Still, the networks need to put something on the air, and CBS hit it out of the park with Ghosts.


Much like many great American shows, it’s a recreation of a British show that was great in its own right. Still, the creators of the American version of Ghosts have created quite the unique form of storytelling that makes cringe work for it and still hits the funny bone on almost every joke.


Watch Ghosts Thursdays on CBS and stream it on Paramount Plus.


3.5 stars out of 5 stars!

Article Written By: Jeremy Brown for Stelmach Brown Media 2024

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