Ghosts: Season 3 Episode 8 Review

Holes Are Bad

While Samantha and Jay enjoy some time alone, the ghosts of Woodstone Manor find Flower. Meanwhile, the secret surrounding Hetty’s death is finally revealed.

Flower Returns

Much of season three has been spent with the ghosts believing Flower to have been “sucked off.” However, the Halloween episode teased that Flower was stuck in a well on the grounds. It remained unclear if she had been there the whole time or if their attempt to bring her back through a seance worked. This episode reveals that it was one of the basement ghosts who had been making out with Stephanie, the teenage ghost who died on her prom night, who got “sucked off.”

After a conversation where Thor believed he heard Flower tell him from the great beyond that she was “well,” Isaac figures out that Flower had been screaming for Thor because she was stuck in a well. This leads to a crazy scenario because Flower can’t climb out due to ghost rules about walls.

Holes and Cement

Sam and Jay’s business partner, Mark, is on the property and is ready to fill up the well with cement. The ghosts don’t know what will happen to a ghost trapped in cement and revisit a time when Sass, Isaac and Thor were stuck in a hole. They revealed they had to make their way through dirt while holding onto each other. They also revealed there was another ghost named Prudence, a Puritan woman, who was with them but got lost when Isaac let go of her hand.

As time runs out to get Flower out of the well, Thor is ready to jump in to help guide Flower through the dirt. However, Hetty stops everything and reveals a telephone wire around her neck that can be used to pull Flower to safety. It’s the first time any of the other ghosts have learned how Hetty died, and it leaves many of them with questions.

Hetty’s Past

Despite all the comedy from the saving Flower storyline, the importance of Hetty’s reveal cannot be understated. In flashbacks, it’s revealed that her husband’s lawbreaking is catching up to the family and with him not there, he had been secretly trapped in a vault that no one knew about and suffocated, the police were now after Hetty. As she tried to get help, she decided that ending her own life would lead to her fortune being left to her son. It’s a surreal moment in a show known for being silly.

Ghosts is a comedy first and foremost but it can still tackle serious topics in a sensitive way. With the number of ghosts seen on the show, it was bound to happen that one of them would’ve taken their own life. It’s a sad fact of life. This episode presents Hetty as seeing no other choice to protect her son than end her own life. It’s sad and not reality, but unfortunately, many in this situation will see things the same way Hetty did. Isaac and Sam console Hetty and listen to her story. Hetty’s ghost is now dealing with the tragic circumstance of her own death plus a possible realization that she may have harmed her own son by her actions as he grew up to be a murderer. While Sam and Isaac explain that she can’t be held responsible for her son’s actions in his life, she is still responsible for her own.

In the end, Flower finally brings a smile to Hetty’s face when she thanks Hetty for revealing her secret to save Flower. She also decides to tell Hetty her secret which ends up being something that Flower has shared many times in the past. Everyone is happy to have Flower back, and Hetty’s story is highlighted to help others.

This episode is a five-star episode, but I’m not going to put a ranking at the bottom like I normally do. Instead, I leave you with this information.

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Article Written By: Jeremy Brown for Stelmach Brown Media 2024

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