Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 8 Review

Bad Territory

A familiar face returns as Hunter and Wrecker seek more information about the mysterious M-Count bounties in an effort to protect Omega from the Empire.

Return of Fennec Shand

Hunter and Wrecker find Fennec Shand as they are in desperate need of information. She makes a deal with them. If they help her with her bounty, she will get the M-Count information they need. As the trio fight off dangerous fauna and bombs, they are able to get the bounty for which Fennec is searching. She tells them she doesn’t have the information, but she will get it as a deal is a deal. However, her callous nature soon comes into play.

While Fennec has worked for Nala Se to protect Omega in the past, she makes it clear her only motivator is money. She doesn’t care about perceived right or wrong. This comes into play as she separates from the Bad Batch. She says she’s getting the information but instead relays their whereabouts to some unknown entity. Who is this? Is it the Empire? Is it another well-known Bounty Hunter like Cad Bane? Is it someone force sensitive like Ventress? Only time and future episodes will tell. But Fennec believes it benefits her wallet more to betray the Bad Batch.

Omega and Crosshair

While Hunter and Wrecker go on their mission, Hunter tasks Omega with an important mission of her own. Crosshair needs to have his hand evaluated and won’t listen to his brothers. Hunter recognizes there’s a good chance Crosshair will listen to Omega given everything they went through together on Tantiss.

Omega’s influence on Crosshair proves to be vital as he gets evaluated for his injury. Nothing physical appears, and Crosshair clearly feels like his days as an elite sniper are over. Recognizing the potential for a mental block, Omega teaches Crosshair to meditate in an effort to help see other possible reasons for his struggles.

This also allows for an amazing bonding sequence between the two clones. Crosshair notes how much Omega has grown, and Omega tells him “You missed a lot.” Crosshair recognizes and acknowledges this. It’s clear that Crosshair has a loyalty to Omega now that he didn’t have previously. He might still be at odds with Hunter and Wrecker from time to time, but they all love and care about Omega. She’s becoming the glue that holds them together.

Looking Ahead

This episode did a great job of building suspenseful storylines. The Bad Batch’s curiosity about the M-Count is vastly important and can be their saving grace of their downfall. Fennec Shand, who most of us may know for being an excellent ally to Boba Fett in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett is still a bounty hunter first and foremost. Her treachery, from the Bad Batch’s point of view, is pragmatic from that of someone trying to make their way as a bounty hunter.

This episode took the divergent storyline approach and made it work better than most of this series have been able to do to this point. Too many times the show only focuses on one storyline while neglecting others. This episode finally felt like it was conveying pertinent information at the same time. I only wish we saw more of Echo and Rex.

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Article Written By: Jeremy Brown for Stelmach Brown Media 2024

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