Ghosts: Season 3 Episode 9 Review

The Traveling Agent

Another ghost power is revealed as Pete finds a way to leave the property which leads to him getting lost before using the skills from his life to find his way back to Woodstone Manor.

Pete’s Ghost Power

Pete is touring the grounds with Isaac and Nigel when he discovers he can leave the property. To date, whenever ghosts have tried to leave the grounds, they’ve been turned back around and sent back. Yes, some have been tied to cars or people, but all have been grounded. This changes as Pete can leave and it sets up a wonderful episode where one ghost experiences hijinks while the others mostly stand around as a sounding board. While that can lead to disappointment, the creators found a way to make it work here.

While the episode is predictable with Pete going with Jay and getting lost because Jay can’t see ghosts, the results are still hilarious. Pete learns that not all places where ghosts live are as happy and healthy as Woodstone Manor as he ends up running for his life from the night ghosts at the superstore. Still, Pete is a scoutmaster and a travel agent who uses those skills to get home. He even gets a hilarious moment where the character who died in the 1980s doesn’t know where he is due to streets being renamed after Barack Obama and Eli Manning.

Pete’s Afterlife

Pete’s ghost power sets him up to finally live his life even if it’s during his afterlife. Once the other ghosts help Pete realize he used the skills he learned in life to get back home, he overcomes his fear. This is important because he was a travel agent who never traveled in life. He lived his life in fear, but as a ghost, he has nothing to be afraid of. The episode ends with Pete boarding a plane to St. Lucia where his daughter is on vacation with her family. His family might not know it, but Pete is finally getting to go on a family vacation.

Thor, Flower and Nancy

The subplot of this episode focuses on Thor breaking off his fling with Nancy, the basement ghost and how it leads to issues in his union with Flower. Thor didn’t know Flower would return when he started his fling with Nancy, but he goes about breaking it off the wrong way. Eventually, Flower finds out and she takes Nancy's side as Thor has clearly hurt Nancy. Flower considers breaking things off with Thor before deciding they should all be together as a throuple.

This ties into Flower’s previous desires from her hippie lifestyle. When Thor first started pursuing her, she wanted a third while he did not. At this point, she decides the only way for anything to continue is to accept Nancy as a third. Thor, not wanting to lose Flower, accepts in this case. This could’ve been a much funnier storyline, but it felt too rushed. Yes, Thor needed to break up with Nancy since Flower was back, and he was choosing Flower, but the idea that of the things Thor has done, this is the one that would make her leave him doesn’t jive. It felt like they could’ve gotten a few more emotional moments from Flower and Thor’s relationship before this happened.

Still, the writers found a way to make it work when Thor admits to his tryst with Carol and Nancy admits she had a fling with Carol too. The ghosts had discussed her liaisons earlier in the episode to explain why she wasn’t present.

Looking Ahead

The season finale is up next as it prepares for Nigel and Isaac’s wedding. Weddings in shows featuring ghosts always feature either hilarity or terror depending on if it’s a comedy or horror show. Pete’s actor confirmed he’ll be back in time for the wedding. What role will his ghost power play? Leaving the mansion can be too powerful if used incorrectly, but Pete feels like the only character where it can be used successfully.

Ghosts has already been renewed for season four, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens. Still, I know I’ll be right back on my couch in the Fall to see what happens with some of my favorite characters each week.

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Article Written By: Jeremy Brown for Stelmach Brown Media 2024

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