Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episodes 11-14 Review

As the Disney Plus and Lucasfilm Original Series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch winds down, Omega tries to break hostages free from Empire imprisonment while the rest of the Batch looks to rescue their sister.

Episode 11 Point of No Return

The Empire finally catches up with the Bad Batch on Pabu. The remote hideaway where the team has been going to regroup is no match for the might of the Empire. Wrecker is quickly taken out of commission, and Hunter is also neutralized while the Batch’s ship is destroyed. In the end, Omega surrenders to protect the people of Pabu.

While the series has been building to this moment, it’s easily the most heroic action Omega has taken. She stands up and turns herself in to ensure innocent victims aren’t harmed. The Empire has made it clear for years they don’t care about collateral damage. While it’s possible Crosshair and Omega could’ve escaped, what cost would it bring to Pabu? It’s the best moment in the series for Omega, a character who often took away from the team in the first two seasons.

Episode 12 Juggernaut

Omega is taken back to Tantiss where she learns about the testing being done on other younglings with high M-Counts. Meanwhile, her time with the Bad Batch has developed her into a capable young clone who plans to escape again, and lead others to safety. Meanwhile, the Bad Batch wants to get her back. Hunter, Wrecker and Crosshair work to extract Vice Admiral Rampart from an Imperial prison. Crosshair believes he is their best hope of finding Tantiss until it’s revealed he doesn’t know the coordinates of the facility, but he does know how to get them.

Given we’ve already seen an extraction mission this season, a lot of the Bad Batch’s mission felt like filler. It works fairly well and shows Crosshair’s growth from a soldier who blindly follows orders to one willing to do whatever it takes to the one person to which he’s loyal, Omega. Rampart’s role is interesting, but there’s not a lot there other than shoot ‘em up action. Meanwhile, Omega leading a covert escape attempt of young children is more interesting. It’s clearly setting up the final great mission of the series.

Episode 13 Into the Breach

Omega continues her plan to help the children escape as she investigates the tubes the droids use when sending their blood samples through the facility. Meanwhile, Echo reunites with the rest of the Bad Batch to work with Vice Admiral Rampart to get the location of Tantiss. It sets up a nice situation where they get the information, and Echo sneaks aboard a science vessel, so the Bad Batch can latch on for the ride.

This is one of the stronger episodes as this series winds down. While the Batch’s mission isn’t much different from previous ones, the inherent danger as they continue trying to find Omega’s location heightens the story. Meanwhile, Omega is fully embracing her hero role with a prison break style reconnaissance mission. It’s a much better episode than I was expecting just a few weeks ago.

Episode 14 Flash Strike

The Bad Batch disembark from the science vessel, but Dr. Hemlock recognizes the danger and begins trying to capture them. The Batch along with Rampart try to make their way through the jungle surrounding the base hoping to figure out how to rescue Omega. Meanwhile, Echo sneaks off the science vessel and explores the facility. He’s caught by Emerie who argues she was just following orders before giving Echo vital information about the hostages at the facility.

The episode sets up the final battle between the Bad Batch and the Imperials at the facility. Given the final episode’s name is The Cavalry Has Arrived, I’m betting some help will arrive. Who will it be? I’m thinking Rex and Howser will make it. Maybe Ventress and Fennec Shand will arrive, maybe not. The show has been good, but it still feels like something is missing.

Article Written By: Jeremy Brown for Stelmach Brown Media 2024

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