Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 7 Review


The remaining members of the clones are separated again with some of them trapped after the Empire’s unit hits their base causing it to collapse on itself.

Crosshair takes over a leadership role making sure that he keeps Omega safe while leading Rex and his fellow escaped clones to safety. Meanwhile, Hunter and Echo work on setting up a rendezvous point to get everyone to safety. The Empire sends a clone squadron to try to stop the renegade clones and a special forces operative who goes rogue in his quest to capture Omega.

Crosshair’s Redemption

This episode went a long way toward building Crosshair's redemption. He spends the majority of the episode keeping Omega safe. She even notes that he’s “just as bad as Hunter” which leads to him telling her he’s “worse.” Crosshair’s military training comes in handy throughout the entire episode. He uses his sniper skills and his hand-to-hand combat skills to defeat X2, the special forces clones sent in by the Empire. X2 survives, but Crosshair wins the battle and earns the respect of Howzer. While it should’ve been the first step in a multi-episode story arc for Crosshair and Howzer, it was a bit rushed.

Emotional Reunion

This episode features the first time Rex and Wolf have seen each other since Order 66. Rex has broken away from the Empire and is working to rehabilitate clones who have been discarded. Wolf is still leading an Empire squadron of clones. In the climactic moments of the episode, Wolf allows Rex and the clones to escape. When his fellow soldiers point out that Rex and his team are traitors to the Empire, Wolf says that may be true, but they are also clones and deserve a fighting chance.

Given that Wolf has joined Rex by the time they appear as old men during the events of Rebels, this is the first hint of Wolf’s eventual desertion from the Empire. It’s a small moment that points to a bigger change of heart down the road. Will Wolf leave of his own accord like Hunter, Echo and Rex? Will he have to see the Empire essentially betray him before he leaves like Crosshair? Or will he just be discarded like many that Rex tries to save? No matter the answer, I can’t wait to see anything that shows Wolf’s eventual defection.

Escape and Future Plans

Once the extraction is completed, Rex informs Hunter that he can’t continue on his current path. Hunter is doing everything he can to keep Omega out of harm’s way, but the Empire is targeting her. It’s clear that she will need to be part of the fight to save her own skin. 

The knowledge of other Star Wars properties informs us that Project Necromancer will be a success at some point but will also fail during this time period. It’s clear they will acquire Omega’s blood at some point, but when and how still need to be answered. This episode felt rushed to get us to other storylines they want to finish before the show ends. It really felt like we went from A to C while skipping B. A lot of the end result doesn’t feel earned. After a few good episodes, The Bad Batch fell right back into the same trappings that prevent it from reaching the Clone Wars and Rebels levels of greatness. At least it’s better than Resistance.

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Article Written By: Jeremy Brown for Stelmach Brown Media 2024

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