Ghosts: Season 3 Episode 7 Review

The Polterguest

A new ghost makes his way to Woodstone Manor, and Alberta finds herself falling for the man who calls himself a poltergeist. Meanwhile, Isaac and Nigel prepare for their nuptials with bachelor parties that introduce the two soldiers from colonial times to the concept of a lap dance.

Stage 5 Clinger

A former Negro Leagues baseball player who has found himself connected to a person rather than a place ends up at the bed and breakfast when his host books a one-night stay. This concept introduces a new type of ghost, a new scenario, and a new innocent innuendo. When the baseball player, named Saul, reveals that he can move from person to person, he calls it a painful experience known as “jerking off.” It goes right along with “sucked off” and “going down on us” in the double entendre list.

Saul makes the jump from Gene, the dentist to which he was attached at the beginning of the episode (played by Geoffrey Owens), to Jay. This allows Alberta to pursue more than just a one-night relationship with him. However, this creates another issue as Saul clings to more than just a person as he becomes clingy in the relationship. Alberta and Saul break up, and Jay has to go find Gene so Saul can “jerk off” to Gene again.

This storyline would be perfectly fine filler for a full season but felt out of place for a ten-episode season. But it does introduce a new concept while also showing continuity by Sass referencing his ex-girlfriend who was tied to a car rather than a stationary place.

Dinosaur Bachelor Party

The better storyline from this episode is the continued planning of Isaac’s and Nigel’s wedding as they reach the bachelor party phase. Given they both died in the 1700s and have had little experience interacting with the living, their bachelor party plans are meager at best. However, Trevor helps them understand the concept and gets Sass and Thor on board as both like to see how things have changed and how those changes affect their fellow ghosts.

Isaac’s newfound fascination with dinosaurs makes him seem like a little boy who won’t shut up about them as he wants the Jurassic Park theme at his wedding. However, he’s thrown for a loop when Nigel gets a lap dance from his ex at his own party. This leads to Isaac, Thor and Sass being able to convince Sam to hire a stripper to give a lap dance to a chair where Isaac is seated. The stripper is very knowledgeable about dinosaurs making the experience the best of Isaac’s afterlife.

The continuation of a main storyline between Isaac and Nigel, as well as the continued development of Isaac’s dinosaur fascination made this the better storyline. I’m not sure if they were presented as an A story and a B story this time or as equal stories, but this one was funnier.

Looking Ahead

Admittedly this episode was mostly filler, but it did provide a slight look ahead for the show. It highlighted one of the season-long storylines in a fun way. Plus, Isaac’s dinosaur infatuation is far more interesting than the Pete-Carol storyline. Still, the teaser to episode 8 at the end of this episode was probably the best part. The revelation that the other ghosts are going to find Flower brings potential for the best episode of the season. While this episode was only okay, it set up something that should be great.

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Article Written By: Jeremy Brown for Stelmach Brown Media 2024

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Theresa Stelmach
a month ago

Great story of one of my favorite shows. This episode had some interesting twists and turns. Entertaining and funny. I look forward to the next show.