Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 6 Review


Rex and his fellow reformed Clones are trying to help a pair of Senators who are pushing back against the Empire when everyone becomes the target of an assassin in the sixth episode of season three of Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The capture of this assassin leads to the revelation that some clones are still working for the Empire, and Omega is on their capture list. Meanwhile, tense interactions between Crosshair and Rex’s cohort, Howser, come to a head before the pair must work together to stop an Imperial strike team from destroying the base and capturing Omega.

Rex and Howzer

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Rex and his band of reformed clones. The last time viewers saw him, he and Echo were trying to help the rest of the Bad Batch rescue Crosshair from the Empire’s clutches after Crosshair’s defection. This led to Omega’s capture and Crosshair’s recapture, setting up the separated Bad Batch at the beginning of the season.

Rex has been referenced in several episodes as still working with Echo. However, when Echo reunited with Wrecker, Hunter, Crosshair and Omega in episode 5, Rex stayed behind to work with his band of clones to protect others battling the Empire. One of those clones is Howzer who has his own unfinished business with Crosshair. It allows for tension as Howzer has every reason not to trust Crosshair, but at this point, any team survival will depend on Crosshair working with the other clones. After the attack on their base, it’ll be interesting to see how Howzer and Crosshair react to each other going forward.

Imperial Clones

When describing the elite Imperial assassin, Rex and Howzer recognized it was a clone and they had heard about this happening before. They got confirmation from Crosshair who mentioned about the loyalist clones on Tantriss. It’s important to note how Crosshair was up front and open with everyone about how he knew about this program. He mentioned taking part in it until he ultimately washed out. Not informing Rex and Howzer would raise suspicion with everyone once it is inevitably revealed. Being transparent extends an olive branch to not just Rex and Howzer but Hunter, Wrecker and Echo, as well.

This also creates an interesting situation moving forward for both the Bad Batch and whatever actions Rex and company plan on taking to rescue other clones. They now have to be wary of any clones still loyal to the Empire as they can clearly be trained and programmed to be even deadlier than they were previously. Plus, the Empire needs Omega for Project Necromancer, so everyone must be on high alert to protect her.

What’s Next?

Given how the emperor returns in Rise of Skywalker and how The Mandalorian has focused on cloning technology, it’s obvious that Dr. Hemlock will get his hands on Omega for Project Necromancer. The question now is “how?” 

The Bad Batch knows the Empire is after her and they are working with a teammate who once betrayed them but has since betrayed the Empire. Rex and Howzer have issues with Crosshair, and while Rex has shown clear loyalty over other series to characters like Ahsoka and the Bad Batch, Howzer can be a bit of a wild card. Could Crosshair betray them again, even though he protected Omega during their escape? Could Howzer betray this reformation project? It’s happened before. I can’t wait to see where it’s going.

I was wary of this series when it started then became a big fan during season two. I was wary after the abysmal start to season three, but the episodes since Omega and Crosshair have escaped Tantriss have been wonderful. I’m finally fully on board with season three.

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Article Written By: Jeremy Brown for Stelmach Brown Media 2024

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