The Santa Clauses: Season 2 Episode 6

Wanga Banga Langa!

Scott Calvin and Magnus Antus finally square off in a battle of Santa Clauses. Betty and Olga learn they have much more in common than previously believed. And Noel finally shines as Head Elf as he convinces the gnomes to join the elves in their fight against the Mad Santa. In the end, Scott Calvin maintains his rightful place as Santa Claus, his family learns important lessons about themselves, and the Mad Santa finds his place in the modern world.


This season had its ups and downs, of course, but Eric Stonestreet really shined as the Mad Santa. He brought some gravitas to help make viewers fearful of what he was capable of doing even though you knew he wouldn’t go too crazy given it’s a Disney+ Original series. He really carried some scenes on his back while he and Tim Allen were separated. While they played off each other very nicely, both are strong enough to carry scenes on their own, and that’s exactly what they did.


I also like the callback to the original film with Mad Santa’s amulet. Viewers learn the amulet Magnus Antus has been seeking is the very mug Scott Calvin first drank from his first night at the North Pole. It’s a great callback that really helps connect the series to the larger universe.


The ending also worked well in this series' favor. The worst thing that could’ve happened is for a series to end on a cliffhanger without a third season guaranteed. This ending allows the series to end if the creators want or to continue if the studio gives it the greenlight. That’s a very important aspect of a series like this that clearly has a fan base but it’s unclear if it has the legs to continue beyond two seasons.


This series is as cheesy as it comes. While that works because it’s intended to be good, clean fun around the holidays, it still holds the series back a little bit. The twist of Mad Santa wanting to be a performer and joining Kris at Santapolis wasn’t unexpected but still incredibly cheesy. While there’s some definite credit for leaning into the cheese factor, it still seems like an odd ending for a series where an evil Santa had been trapped in a nutcracker for centuries.


This series also feels like a waste of the talents of Gabriel Iglesias. He’s a charming and genuinely funny comedian and while he played what they gave him well, it still felt like he could’ve been given more. He’s a team player and he shined through when he could, but he deserved more.

Overall Santa Feeling

This was a fun season. The second season delivered more Santa drama with a proper villain. However, this season didn’t feel like it stuck the landing quite as well as the first season. Eric Stonestreet made a better villain than Kal Penn. But the ending still lacked a little oomph. This show was a surprise hit in its first season and followed with an overall well done second season. I don’t know if there will be a third season. I don’t think it needs one, but I also don’t think it will be hurt by one.

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