The Santa Clauses: Season 2 Episode 4

Miracle on Dead Creek Road

Santa and Cal step up to fill the Easter Bunny’s paws after Sandra accidentally turns the Bunny into a real bunny. The pair end up having to dodge the Mad Santa and his gnome sidekick while Santa tries to repair Cal’s relationship with Riley. It’s the first meeting between the current Santa and the deposed Santa, setting up their eventual battle in the season finale.

Santa Magic

This is the first episode that really gives viewers a look at Santa Magic. Mad Santa has been trying to get Santa Magic, but since Cal lost his vest in the last episode, Mad Santa can now start using his magic. This allows the Mad Santa to end up helping Kris, played by Gabriel Iglesias, who had been helping Mad Santa since he had been freed from the nutcracker. Kris has been a good friend to Magnus Antis, but Mad Santa is only using Kris for his personal gain.


While Santa Magic is powerful, it takes a toll on both the user and the receiver when one Santa uses Santa Magic against another Santa. This is demonstrated by how weak Mad Santa becomes after hitting Scott Calvin with a magic snowball. Scott is also unable to transform back into the Santa Claus we know due to the magic. It makes it interesting to see what will happen when the two have to face off in the finale.

Elvish Secrecy

The elves have been trying to hide the real story of the Mad Santa from the current Santa, but it, predictably, blows up in their face. After the Mad Santa attacks Scott Calvin, the elves are forced to let Mrs. Claus know that her husband and son are in danger. Had the elves not been so secretive, Santa could’ve been prepared for what was coming.


While I understand the necessity of secrecy to help advance the narrative, it drags the series down a little bit. It’s a family series, so it’s not a complete detriment to the series, but, as an adult, it hurts a little. Kids probably love it though.

Legendary Figures

The Sandman makes an appearance leading to some major issues for Santa, Cal and Noel. The Legendary Figures have decided to keep an eye on Santa after his season one decision to hand over the mantle backfired. However, the team worked together to ensure the Sandman slept through everything, so Cal wasn’t pressured while he and Santa completed the Easter Bunny’s journey.


While I’m always excited to see the Legendary Figures, the Sandman was used in a very predictable manner. It works for what the series is trying, but it’s still just a little disappointing. I think I would’ve preferred them subverting my expectations rather than meeting them. Still, I’m not going to hate being able to see them. It’s a lot of fun.

Not Enough Betty

While Betty makes a couple of appearances in episode four, there’s still not enough of her. She is off on Kribble Krabble when she sees Mad Santa has returned. This leads to her returning at the very end of the episode. As the show has hinted that she was an important part of stopping Mad Santa, she is clearly meant to have a big role going forward.


This section of the show has always felt incomplete. She is the head elf forced to spend time in the human world. However, we’ve hardly seen her since she left. Viewers saw her eating pizza in episode two and then watching TV in a hotel room in episode four. And she didn’t appear in episode three at all. The show would’ve benefitted from seeing some of what she was doing before returning to the North Pole.

Looking Ahead

This episode was the weakest so far. The Easter Bunny and Sandman storylines feel like side quests more than proper storylines. I love seeing the legendary figures, but I wish they were provided in a better way. While plenty of things happened, it still feels like almost nothing happened.


This episode feels like filler which is the worst thing possible for a six-episode season. It didn’t leave me wanting more. It just left me wanting.


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By Jeremy Brown 202

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